Hire The Henry 8th (VIII) Lookalike

Never has there been a monarch in English history that has stirred the emotions as much as “Henry the 8th”.

A character of truly magnificent proportions both physically and in demeanour.

The glory and splendour of the Tudor Court could be brought to your event or conference by the presence of Brian Holdom as Henry 8th.

Known for his wives as much for himself, I daresay that the King might well be able to find a wife or two to accompany him, preferably those who kept their heads.

History tells us much about King Henry and portrays him as both full of fun and a stern ruler. If you invite Brian as Henry 8th you can have whichever mood suits the theme!…or perhaps both!


Where you need a LOOKALIKE

  • Corporate Events

  • Films

  • Private parties

  • Photo shoots

  • Celebrations

  • Product launches

  • Themed weddings and Birthdays

  • Film screenings


How a "lookalike" can be used

  • Meet & Greet

  • Mix & Mingle

  • Pose for photographs

  • Compering

  • Announcements

  • Prize giving and awards

  • Bond scenarios

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