Hire The Blofeld Lookalike

Enhance your “Bond” event with one of the most memorable and insidiously spooky villains in Bond history.

Brian Holdom as Ernst Stavro Blofeld…..the James Bond villain portrayed by the unforgetable Donald Pleasence in “You Only Live Twice”.

The actor with the “hypnotic eye” now portrayed by Brian Holdom with his own hypnotic eye, serious scar and the trademark white pussy!

Brian’s “Blofeld” has kept countless guests and major international clients on edge with a threat and an eerie smile throughout the UK and Europe.

Contact Brian to check availability for your event so that with the help of Blofeld and Spectre you can continue your quest to dominate the world!


Where you need a LOOKALIKE

  • Corporate Events

  • Films

  • Private parties

  • Photo shoots

  • Celebrations

  • Product launches

  • Themed weddings and Birthdays

  • Film screenings


How a "lookalike" can be used

  • Meet & Greet

  • Mix & Mingle

  • Pose for photographs

  • Compering

  • Announcements

  • Prize giving and awards

  • Bond scenarios

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