Whenever we book an Act, one of the concerns we always have is, ‘are they going to turn up and do a good job’. Clients put their faith in us to provide someone whom not only looks like the character they are supposed to be but also acts like the character. Brian in all the years we have known him has never let any of our clients down in terms of his visual appearance and his acting ability. He is 100% reliable in every respect; a true professional. Thank you Brian.

Brian is an Agent’s dream. He is a born natural; his characters are 100% spot-on and perfect in every way- from Blofeld to Fester to Churchill. Not only that, he is one of the nicest and most genuine people in the industry. On and off screen he is a gentleman.

What more can I say than a BIG Thank You. The way you appeared and then mixed with the guests was phenomenal. You have a natural ability to portray Blofeld in a way I have never seen any other Blofeld do. The costume and make-up simply re-inforced the power of Blofeld. Absolutely brilliant.

Thanks Brian for doing such a spectacular job. Guests were simply over-awed. The excitement on their faces was literally a sight to behold. Your characterization of Blofeld is amazing. Although the character of Blofeld was not in the film-theme of the party, your appearance and character made a HUGE difference; in fact, the way your mingled with guests MADE the party incredible. Thank you so much.

The word Professional is not enough to describe Brian. Versatile, willing, accommodating and attention to detail are just some of his character traits. As a Booking Agent, what more could we ask for from a Look-alike? We have never been disappointed with Brian; he is reliable, hard-working and is always on time for his events. He is and will be our favourite and preferred Blofeld for many years to come.

When Brian first walked through the door I really thought Blofeld was in front of me and we were on the set of a new James Bond film. Brian’s attention to detail is incredible; far beyond I have ever seen from any look-alike character. He manages to capture the nuances, the mannerisms and the complete look of Blofeld.

Brian is simply amazing at getting under the skin of a character and making you believe he is that character. As a Booking agent we have booked and continually book Brian because he is simply one of the best. He is reliable, professional and the praise we receive, is simply wonderful.


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